About Us

Throughout our years in business, Andrew Flower Associates priority has always been, and will always be, first-class customer service.


  • We aim to provide all our customers with a single solution for their motoring needs. Our loan car and collection and delivery services have, over the years, proved to be very popular with our customers.
  • We are proudly a traditional honest garage, and not a "fast fit" establishment, ensuring that, quality for quality, we remain competitive, whilst using manufacturers' or proprietary branded parts.
  • We do not operate any bonus pay system and our staff do not rely on the quantity of parts sold or work "created" at our customers' expense for their wage levels.
  • We do not advertise service charges at an unrealistic price to lure customers to us, only to then inform them that several, and no doubt "dangerous", faults need rectification.
  • We offer neither "menu pricing" nor any other marketing ploy that would prevent our customers from knowing exactly what they are paying for or what parts have been fitted.
  • The only price that can be given prior to a car being seen is for a check over and replacement of certain basic items e.g. Oil & filter.
  • Our M.O.T. testing is also carried out by a third-party who has no financial interest in whether the vehicle passes or fails.


If this is what you are looking for in a garage, contact us.


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