Customer Advice

This page is here as a warning to motorists so that you don't get
hoodwinked at less reputable garages!


Shock absorbers are a very reliable piece of equipment and will often last for the lifetime of the car. If your vehicle drives well and you are advised to have these replaced, seek a second opinion.

  • Beware of 'fixed price' services. It is not possible to cost a service without having prior knowledge of the condition of the vehicle.
  • If you have any tyres replaced, you do not automatically require the other wheels to be balanced.
  • Also during the fitting of new tyres, the vehicle does not need to have the alignment (track) checked if the tyres are evenly worn across the tread.


If your vehicle should have low profile wide tyres it is best to be aware that their performance in bad conditions is much worse than a conventional tyre, indeed in snow your car can become akin to a sledge. It must be remembered that this type of tyre is purely cosmetic and tends to impede the performance of the suspension and steering on normal roads. They are also more expensive and have a shorter lifespan. It is an interesting fact that probably the best car ever made for holding the road was the Citroen 2CV.

  • Be suspicious of big discounts offered on tyres. They do not carry a manufacturer's recommended retail price, therefore any discount offer can only be from an invented original price. All you should consider is the final price.
  • Although brake discs do tend to wear out quicker than they did in previous years, they do not necessarily need to be replaced along with brake pads

    In several major companies, employees' wage levels and bonuses depend upon the quantity of parts and services sold to the public. This means that customers are sometimes charged for work and parts that are unnecessary, as highlighted by recent television documentaries.
  • Customers are always welcome to contact us for advice.


Disclaimer: The advice above is given with the best intentions and only as way of guidance. Andrew Flower Associates cannot be held liable for any financial or physical loss that may occur as a result of following this advice, further more Andrew Flower Associates will accept no liability if the above advice becomes invalid at a later date.